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Here you'll find all the latest information on new mobile phones from all the best mobile phone manufacturers in the business. We feature mobile phones with cameras, MP3's players, video mobiles, and top of the range PDA phones.




SIM Free Mobile Phones

Mobile phones from Nokia are amongst the most popular phones in the UK by far. Nokia have dominated the UK mobile phone market for many years now and offer the most funky original phones available. We present reviews of each new Nokia mobile phone release, complete with description of it's functions and a detailed specification. You'll also find Nokia phone pictures along with the reviews.

Along with new Nokia mobile phones we feature mobile phone reviews from the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Panasonic, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson. Samsung have many new mobile phones flooding the market currently. Their flip phones prove to be very popular and is predominately featured across their range of mobile phones. At the fore-front of mobile phone technology Samsung have produced many high-spec mobile phones. The only thing that's been lacking from many Samsung phones has been Bluetooth wireless technology, but this is being addressed in the latest mobiles released. One of the latest mobile phones from Samsung is the Samsung D510, this is a truly unique and innovative mobile phone featuring an automatic motorized flip to both open and close the flip phone. Beam me up Scotty!

Motorola have always been a top player in the mobile phone game. Motorola mobile phones are always packed full of decent features and specs, like the Motorola V600 being one of the most popular phones to date. The Motorola V600 mobile phone has Bluetooth, a very good camera, MP3 compatibility, and much more. Since the Motorola V600 release Motorola have many more mobile phones in the waiting, some already on the Market. The Motorola V690 and Motorola V220 are a couple of the newest Motorola phones but the ones to look out for are the Motorola V80 and Motorola V3. The Motorola V3, nicknamed the Razr (pronounced Razor), at just the width of a credit card its plain where it got it's nickname from. They don't skimp on features on this mobile phone either, Motorola use the latest technology to pack the V3 full of goodies including a VGA camera with 4x zoom, Bluetooth, video clip compatibility, and much more.

Sony Ericsson are a massive phone manufacturer. In the PDA mobile phone market there are few better then Sony Ericsson. Firstly with the Sony Ericsson P800 and later its successor the Sony Ericsson P900. The Sony Ericsson P900 PDA mobile phone gives you the power of the internet and email in your pocket, short of carrying a small laptop in your top pocket. Sony Ericsson are sure to keep producing some of the most powerful mobile phones on the market so watch this space.

That just touches on some of the mobile phones currently in the market. All the other mobile phone manufactures including Panasonic and Siemens have very good mobile phones to offer. Here you can read about these mobile phones and see where to buy them at the most competitive prices on the internet.

" S700 opens a world of true mobile digital imaging. A 1.3 megapixel digital camera and smart swivel-action mobile phone in one stylish device. In horizontal mode, you have the perfect camera. Vertically held, it has the look, feel and satisfaction of a mini organiser, phone, gaming and messaging device. Open the S700 and the keypad is there where you need it. Connect with BluetoothT. Store more with Memory Stick DuoT. S700 adds true imaging to your lifestyle. And QuickShareT makes it easy. "

" The K700's in business. Let your K700 be at the core of your everyday work. Take advantage of BluetoothT wireless technology, and combine your K700 with Sony Ericsson BluetoothT accessories: Wireless headsets, in-car solutions - and the Media Viewer MMV-100, that allows you to view images (or even Powerpoint slides!) stored in your K700 on bigger screens.

In addition, you can use the K700 as a remote control for your computer. Get your Powerpoint presentation started, and slide through it with your K700. The K700 can also be used as a modem in combination with your PC or laptop.

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